Communication is key to the development of our community. Issues need to be presented to homeowners in a timely fashion. To this end the communications committee is endeavoring to develop and maintain a website. It is hoped that this will be a conduit for information submitted by homeowners as well as information that is presented by the Managment Company, Board and Committees. We foresee this site as being a conduit for information about bear sitings in the neighborhood and to local projects effecting our community. Please check back often for updates.


The communications committee publishes the newsletter and develops and supports the HOA web site. They meet on a non-scheduled basis based on the support and input required for these informational venues.

The communication committee welcomes input from homeowners. Please submit all information in writing to our management company.

We reserve the right to edit submissions and decide in which, if any, venue of the HOA it will be included.

Communications Projects

The communications committee publishes the newsletter that is mailed to all homeowners in GVP on a quarterly basis to keep homeowners informed about our area.
The Communications Committee developmented this web site and it will be used to bring timely information to the homeowners.


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