Gina Dundas   Chair


The Social Committee has many projects it is working on to bring our community members together.
The annual garage sale and a spring community get together are at the top of the list. The garage sale is held in late May early June. Watch this site and the newsletter for exact date information. The community get together in 2006 was a Chili Bake-off. This event inspired many local closet cooks to strut their stuff with their special chili recipes. Children enjoyed an afternoon of games and prizes.
The committee is developing a welcoming package for new neighbors. Bags with neighborhood information as well as treats will be delivered to homes after residents move-in.
Around the first of October the committee sponsors the “Phantom of the neighborhood”. Autumn treats are anonymously place on a neighbors doorstep with a Phantom poster and the request that the recipient place a similar basket of treats on two neighbor’s doorsteps. This practice coincides with the Halloween celebration. Participation has been great!
The social committee has focused on finding volunteers for many projects including the Grounds committee Community Lot project this past summer.


Integral to the development of our community as a premier neighborhood in Anchorage is our social committee. It is tasked with creating the “glue” of community. It is a daunting task with housing turnover, diversity of homeowner ages, household makeup and other devisive factors. Through activities and opportunities this committee emndeavors to bind our community into a solid neighborhood.  Our hope is that our community will retain it’s strong family and neighborhood identity.

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